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Category: Publishing 

Year Founded: 2005

Mission: To ignite the love of literature in Ethiopian children by giving them their very first storybooks. 

Donation Goal: $1,050 to put two beautifully illustrated, Amharic-language storybooks—containing the lovable characters from Tsehai Loves Learning’s shows—into the hands of each of the 230 students at Hamle 1 and Fresh and Green Academy in Addis Ababa.

Background: Founded by the wife-and-husband team Bruktawit (Brukty) Tigabu and Shane Etzenhouser, Tsehai Loves Learning is an internationally acclaimed children’s multimedia company in Ethiopia. Topics ranging from the alphabet and numbers, to AIDS and health are taught in such a colorful, powerful and informative way that Tsehai Loves Learning has earned awards from around the globe, and backing from sponsors such as Save the Children and UNESCO, amongst others.  

Now, Brukty, a former teacher who was described as one of the most 100 creative people in business in 2012 by the magazine Fast Company, wants to turn the page. She is set to enter into the world of books to ignite the love of literature in children by giving them their very first storybooks. 

The Project: Why the switch from TV programs to books? “There are so many difficult circumstances. Some children are orphans, others are dying,” she says. “For these kids who don’t have electricity and access to TV, books are the only thing they have. Learning to read is going to open them up to anything in life. It’s a necessity. Opening the pages to a book is like opening the door to opportunities. And we’re happy to do that for them.” 

The Plan: And here is what you can do. Many of these children have never had storybooks before. $1,150 will put two beautifully illustrated, Amharic-language storybooks—containing the lovable characters from Tsehai Loves Learning’s shows—into the hands of each of the 230 students at Hamle 1 and Fresh and Green Academy in Addis Ababa. For each book a schoolchild receives, another copy will go towards building the school’s budding library. At the cost $2.50 per book, as little as $50 gets 20 books; $500 produces and distributes 200 books. That’s all it takes to spark, cultivate and nourish a child’s imagination. 

So let’s get as many books out there as we can! Contibute, share, and spread the word in your various circles—Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and so on—and help foster a lifelong desire for learning, knowledge and creativity.

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Tsehai Loves Learning surpassed its Higher Circle donation goal of $1,050, raising $3,500 (with some funds donated in addition to the pledges tallied here).

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