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In Burundi, Zetu Micro-Franchises is one of the rural enterprises that empower women and low income families via the profitable and dignified micro-franchises, a mean for transition to a self-sustained live hood and for development of communities via solar technologies, and poultry model businesses.

Bujumbura, Burundi | Power & Electrical

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Company: Zetu Micro-Franchises,Burundi

Location: Bujumbura, Burundi

Industry: Power & Electrical

Employees: 1-5 employees

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My campaign -SOLAR LIGHT BURUNDI INVESTORS is an innovative project that needs total $ $7799 grants to purchase 350 solar lanterns, ship them to Burundi and distribute them to rural areas for use of poor villagers in Burundi. The project will help low-income entrepreneurs get to solar lamps in Burundi and sell them at low-cost prices to householder villagers. The majority of Burundians live in rural communes and more than 95% of Burundians do not have access to electricity. Households mostly rely on kerosene lamps oil lamps for light. Kerosene is an expensive energy source for these rural peoples and community in whole; it is also dangerous fuel, a health hazard, poses fire risks and is environmentally unfriendly. In East Africa region, Burundi women will take responsibility for generating clean energy because it is traditionally women who buy kerosene lamp oil. Just one solar lamp saves 600 liters of kerosene and 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide over the span of 10 years. SOLAR LIGHT BURUNDI PROJECT will replace kerosene with solar technologies or lanterns, we will not only help households to save money, but also to improve health conditions, technical skills and they will be able to contribute to the millennium development goal (MDGs) of ensuring environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and expanding our project to other level of saving millions tons of CO2 over next decades. In eliminating kerosene use, the project aimed to address targets of Labor Ministry and the targets of Millennium Development Goal: to create employment, health, technologies and ensure environmental sustainability. Solar Light Burundi Project will create access to job for entrepreneurs by enabling them to purchase and sell our solar lamps as alternative not only for lighting rural households, but also for generate income to sustain themselves-micro-saving and job creation. We believe that without power - no kind of life, development, business, healthcare and no education is possible. Therefore Solar Light Burundi Project needs much attention by funding the suggested grant to solve global problems in Burundi within these prioritized categories: 1. INCOME: People by using our solar light Lanterns, rural families will extend their work time and days into evening hours. Burundi was integrated in East African Community Region. There is job competition in increased hours of working. The parents who will purchase our solar lamps will find 1-9hours of lighting at night useful for crafts making and other “cottage” industry type jobs they sometimes can get. The lamps will also help us to improve the quality of life through solar light products selling /distribution job in the rural household and village level. This will help stem migration to town of Bujumbura. 2. EDUCATION: Children go to school in the morning, and then work in the fields in the afternoon until nightfall. Solar lamp will allows children to study in the evening and gives adults more time to work by our solar lamps, boosting income and educational opportunities. Solar light will improve literacy, because people will use lamps to read after dark more easily than they can by candle or lamp of oil light. 3.HEALTHCARE: This project will save life and improve health condition. Fumes from kerosene lamps or from oil lamps in houses of rural people are a serious health problem. The eyes get teary and the headaches start again, people’s breathing becomes difficult. However; solar light does not create such problems to people’s health. The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathing kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from 2 packs of cigarettes a day. By the use of Solar Lanterns these issues are resolved. 4. MICRO-FINANCING ENTERPRENEURS & SAVING MONEY: By purchasing our low-cost solar lamps, families and individuals in Burundi will be saving money up to 80% of what they might spend in a year on Kerosene. Furthermore, Solar Lighting Burundi Project will collect grants from sold products and will provide loans to 300 new Burundi entrepreneurs to start their own solar businesses. All of this makes it very hard to concentrate, especially as you know that there is only enough kerosene for one hour of studying. Project goal: Replacing kerosene lamps with solar lamps and empower women, creating a network of over 50 female entrepreneurs Project size: Solar Light Burundi will employ 4 people and will help 100 women become entrepreneurs, who will in turn sell 300 solar lamps in Burundi. Project volume: Solar Light Burundi is hoping for a turnover of $ 9000 in 2014

Use of Funds

If granted with $ 7500 USD, SOLAR LIGHT BURUNDI PROJECT will purchase 300 solar lanterns, ship them by paying taxes and distribute them in rural areas of Burundi. 50 solar lamps sellers will be selected and trained by partners training institutes or Zetu Micro-Franchises to empower them with thirst skills they need on management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Solar Energy, marketing, and small trades. Each of 50 solar entrepreneurs will receive a loan of solar light to sell and get a capital after selling them to purchase new lamps after selling our products. We will monitor and follow up their activity of selling our lamps and train them in their quiosks. We will create a saving account for them to save profits. Entrepreneur member of our saving account will be able to request second loan and fixe condition for paying back loan. In that way, families in villages will access to solar lamps in Burundi. And our project will have contributed to poverty alleviation by involving 50 entrepreneurs in selling solar products, helping them save money by creating bank accounts and provide them Mobile payment Technologies. We know that Kerosene is an expensive energy source for rural peoples and communities; because of our project, by purchasing our low-cost solar lamps families and individuals in Burundi will be saving money up to 80% of what they might spend in a year on Kerosene. Then, people will also reduce health hazard, illiteracy, poses fire risks and is environmentally unfriendly.

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