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RED builds rural economies, protects species and habitat and changes the lives of travelers, students and local communities through conservation focused travel.

La Paz, Mexico | Travel & Tourism

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Company: RED Travel Mexico

Location: La Paz, Mexico

Industry: Travel & Tourism

Employees: 5

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Our conservation and cultural adventures change the traveler, who has a first-ever wildlife experience in a unique natural environment, a fisherman participating in a sea turtle monitoring and conservation project, or a local student who sees her surroundings through a new lens. With funding from Higher Circle, RED will expand this platform, increasing its revenue and social impact.

In pursuit of its social mission, RED creates sustainable employment opportunities in rural communities, while generating a direct benefit for conservation and social benefit projects. In just under five years, RED has redefined the vanguard of ecotourism in Mexico, increasing its sales at an average of 40% percent per year, and winning recognition from industry icons such as National Geographic Traveler, Trip Advisor, ATTA, and Tourism for Tomorrow.

Together with its sister non profit organization, Red de Turismo Sustentable AC, RED has generated a host of benefits through sustainable tourism, including:

  • Provided training and technical assistance to over 180 individuals and 30 businesses

  • Generated over $50,000 in contributions to partner charities through its travel philanthropy program

  • Financed 100% of sea turtle monitoring program in Magdalena Bay for 4 years running

  • Co-financed and operated environmental education courses for over 150 youth from local schools.

Use of Funds

Having established a recognized brand in national and international travel markets, and proven its operational model, RED is scaling up our tour operations. Specifically RED seeks $25,000 to finance an outboard skiff to operate tours in Espíritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the Sierra La Giganta Corredor - a soon to be declared Natural Protected Area. RED Currently offers outings to Espíritu Santo with skiffs contracted through partner operators on a limited, on-demand basis, which generates high operational cost and makes it harder to guarantee the service, safety and quality demanded by the RED brand. Operating our own skiff and expanding operations to Espíritu Santo and the surrounding region will allow RED to:

  • Diversify our current product offering;

  • Reduce operational costs;

  • Capture a share of the lucrative day tour market;

  • Increase revenue and profitability;

  • Offer products directed at national and other niche markets;

  • Mitigate the seasonality of peak tourism markets in the region;

  • Support the operation of RED’s sustainable tourism consulting operations.

RED conducted a market and financial analysis, which served as the basis for our marketing strategy. We will use a portion of funding from the Higher Circle campaign to fund specific activities identified in the market strategy.

The total cost of the project is $35,000. RED’s cofounders are investing $10,000 for this project.

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