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Company: Arlow Vertical


Industry: Other

Employees: 14

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Eight years ago Arturo Carmona dreamed of owning his own business. After a successful marketing career in the automobile industry, he saw a need to provide professional and highly trained services to Mexico’s rapidly expanding commercial high-rise market. After meeting partner Lowy Samperio, a certified commercial construction and high-rise maintenance expert, Arlow Vertical was formed. Their vision is simply to become the market leaders and the gold standard in training and safety in the high-rise and commercial maintenance industry throughout Mexico.

In three short years Arlow Vertical has developed a blue-chip list of clients including Grupo Bimbo, the largest bakery in the world, and Banamex, the second largest bank in Mexico. Arlow is now looking to grow its business with these marquee clients and expand to provide services for many of Mexico’s top corporations. Mexico is growing rapidly and Arlow Vertical is ready to join the wave of growth.     

USE OF FUNDS                            

Arlow’s teams of trained maintenance techs spend much of their time thirty stories above the ground. As a result, training and quality equipment are critical to their success.

The loan proceeds will go towards training costs and purchasing critical equipment such as ladders, mountain climbing grade ropes and more. They plan to double their sales in the coming fiscal year. This loan allows them to meet the needs of their existing clients, provide world-class service, while adding new corporate accounts.


Arlow's "day-in-the-life" story of a worker, maintaining high rise buildings for the corporations of Mexico, means they hang 30 stories above the ground hours per day, and people stop in awe. But, getting the word out in Mexico City is work and they need tools to market their talents. Help Arlow raise funds so they can invest in the best tools to share their story to grow the business.   














Arlow has grown its team in less than three years, and they are committed to ensuring all employees are well-trained and have a safe working environment.  At present the team consists of 14 employees and a number of contractors.

A loan to Arlow Vertical earns 10% interest and monthly repayments of principle and interest, over 24 months.  Make a loan and join the Circle!!   







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    Arturo Carmona DIRECTOR

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    Arturo Chavez Rueda BUSINESS COACH

Use of Funds


Arlow Vertical is raising $15,000.00 to offer its comercial high-rise maintennance services to  their existing clients’ other commercial properties and to acquire new client accounts.   The funds will be used to acquire needed equipment, training for existing and new employees, and marketing.  Equipment includes items such as ropes, ladders, and protective clothing.   

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